Verena stelleria, a female explorer who on the surface seems like a kindhearted person.The reason she travels to Magmel is to financially support an orphange ( at least that's the reason she gives). She has obtained the nickname: " the miracle worker" because she seemingly allways manages to escape dangerous and even deadly situations unharmed. However it is later revealed that it isn't by luck.

  • physical traits: Verena is a woman of average height with medium length blonde hair wich partially covers the right side of her face and forehead.
Personality: kind and caring (psychopathic is later revealed)

Kriks brother, he went out to Magmel together with his parents to find the epona flower, in the hope it would cure his little brother Kriks's disease. The first expedition was unsuccesfull and ended up getting his parents killed. The second time he went was with an unnamed group of men. However it is later revealed he went for selfish reasons even killing his own parents in the hope of obtaining the flower likely because he wanted to sell it (it's not specified). The second time he killed his entire crew because the flower only grows on top of human bones.


(Kriks brother is the one on the left)

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